Are you looking for Anatel product homologation in Brazil?

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LC3 is a consulting firm specialized in ANATEL product homologation.
Our mission
Help our clients obtain ANATEL certificate and be able to sell their products in Brazil.

Advantage Differentials


Project focal point

Consulting services and project management activities to successfully manage your homologation project.


Expertise and Independence

More than 10 years experience in ANATEL projects and total independence related to ANATEL, OCD and Laboratories.


Service by demand

Internal overhead and costs reduction by decreasing the HR allocated to manage ANATEL projects.


We offer a complete service portfolio that allows our clients to work with a single supplier when the subject is ANATEL product homologation.

More Info

The 5 steps of ANATEL Certification

  • Get in contact with LC3 to identify product category and define test requirements according to ANATEL regulations.

  • Send required documents to LC3. We will explain and generate all letters required by ANATEL.

  • Execute tests in a local accredited laboratory. LC3 will follow-up the activity.

  • Review and approve the draft of the OCD technical compliance certificate sent by LC3.

  • Wait for ANATEL to publish the official certificate.

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